Daily Bible Study From 2 Timothy 2:1-7

DAILY BIBLE STUDIES FROM 2 TIMOTHY 2:1-7 provides a short devotional thought that is easy to read and apply to the Christian life."

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Daily Bible Study From 2 Timothy 2:1-7

Being Strong in the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:1-7)

When Paul met Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, his life was radically changed (Acts 26:16). When Isaiah saw the glory and majesty of God, his life took a new direction (Isaish. 6:1-9). When Peter saw the awesomeness of Christ, his life also took a new direction (Luke 5:8). What changed the lives of these men so dramatically? Well, it was their encounter with the Lord.

When these men met the Lord, their lives were wonderfully changed; however, their lives didnít finish there. These men went on to live strong Christian lives. Paul became the apostle to the Gentiles. Isaiah proclaimed the Word of God to Israel. Peter became an evangelist. Nevertheless, these men had their struggles, and yet they still lived strong Christian lives.

When we come to the story of Timothy, we see a radical change take place in his life also. After his conversion, Timothy served alongside of the apostle Paul and later became the pastor of the church at Ephesus. During that time, he also faced difficulty and opposition. So Paul encouraged Timothy to be strong in the Lord through Godís grace and Godís word.

Consequently, when we find strength in Godís grace and Godís word, we will be able to endure difficulty and opposition. As one song says, ďBe strong and courageous, the Lord of the ages, holds all his little one safe by his side.Ē Our strength as Christians is in the Lord Jesus Christ through Godís grace and Godís word. Will you entrust your life to Jesus today and be strong in the Lord through God's grace and God's word?

Written by Reverend D. Blackburn BA GDM © 2005 - 2010