Sermon Outlines From the Book of Philippians

Sermon Outlines from the Book of Philippians provides sixteen comprehensive sermon outlines from the book of Philippians.

Sermon Outlines From the Book of Philippians

Sermon Outlines From the Book of Philippians

There are sixteen (16) comprehensive sermon outlines now available from the Book of Philippians. These 16 comprehensive sermon outlines follow the sermon outlining method presented throughout this website.

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Sermon Outline From Philippians 1:1-11

Experiencing Joyous Christian Fellowship
(Philippians 1:1-11)

Fellowship: What is fellowship or what constitutes fellowship? The word fellowship seems to mean many things to many different people. Often, we think of fellowship as being present at a meeting, or getting together for a cup of coffee or tea or even enjoying a game of golf with a friend.

But does this constitute Christian fellowship? In some ways, it does; but in other ways, it doesn’t. Let me explain! Christian fellowship is really much deeper than sharing coffee or having a game of golf. After all, Christian fellowship involves more than the physical. It must involve the spiritual.

In that sense, our Christian fellowship is sourced in our relationship with Jesus Christ and our ability to draw attention to it. In this ways, we express our spirituality in our joyous Christian fellowship.

Paul showed how this is possible in the first chapter of Philippians. In this passage, Paul uses three expressions that lead to joyful Christian fellowship. They are:

  1. I have you in my thoughts (1:3-4) Two reasons:

    1. They were brothers and sisters in the Lord (1:1-2)
    2. They were partners in the gospel (1:5-6)

  2. I have you in my heart (1:7a) Two reasons:

    1. His deep affection for them was Christ inspired (1:8)
    2. His partnership with them was mutual (1:7b)

  3. I have you in my prayers (1:9a) Four requests:

    1. They would increase in love (1:9b)
    2. They would increase in discernment (1:10a)
    3. They would increase in sincerity (1:10b)
    4. They would increase in fruitfulness (1:11)

We can experience joyful Christian fellowship by having others in our thoughts, our hearts and prayers. The results of joyful Christian fellowship are that the church grows and the gospel is shared. May God encourage us to be participators of the gospel!


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