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FREE SERMONETTES provide sermonettes or mini-sermons and explain how to write a sermonette, a mini-sermon or short sermons.

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How To Write A Sermonette, Mini-Sermon, or Short Sermon

SERMONETTES or mini-sermons are short messages for specific occassions.

For example, you may want to share a devotion, a teaching segment, or a communion talk.

Writing a sermonette, mini-sermon or short sermon takes discipline. Although a sermonette is much shorter than a sermon; nevertheless, you MUST still maintain a structure. A sermonette still requires an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

You will need to compress your content so that you can deliver your sermonette within 5 or so minutes.

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Free Sermonette, Mini-Sermon or Short Sermon


Sometimes, I believe we underestimate the power and potency of a changed life. In 1979, Leslie Stodel became a Christian and modeled her faith in such a way that it influenced her atheistic husband Lee to begin his own search for God. In his book The Case for Christ, he tells of his years of intensive research that finally led him to receive Jesus as his Saviour. With a law degree from Yale and an award-winning career in journalism at the Chicago Tribune, Lee had the ability to answer tough questions raised by unbelievers and cynics.

The change in his life also influenced their 5-year-old daughter Alison, who said, "Mommy, I want God to do for me what He's done for Daddy." In short, a changed life has tremendous power and potency. The old adage, "Don't tell me; show me" stands true, even today. In that sense, our greatest witness for Christ may not be the things we say, but more so the things we do. Let's not underestimate the power and potency of a changed life.

When we look at the life of the apostle Paul, we see this principle in action in a mighty way. The changed life of Paul had tremendous power and potency, and he was able to influence many for the kingdom of God. Paul's changed life led to Christ being magnified in his body, in his life, and in his ministry (See Philippians 1:19-26). Yes, Paul's life and ministry magnified Christ in every way. May we Christians follow his lead!

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