Writing A Funeral Sermon

Writing a Funeral Message

WRITING A FUNERAL SERMON requires a structure that is sensitive to the bereaved. A structure that has a progressive flow. There is nothing worst than a long and boring funeral service.

How To Write A Funeral Sermon

A sensitive structure that has a progressive flow usually has seven parts.

1. Welcome and Introduction

You need to welcome the people on behalf of the bereaved family. Also, you will need to introduce the deceased person. You may want to share a little about the life of the deceased person. Usually, you finish this part with prayer.

2. Bible Reading

In this part, you present the Bible Readings you will focus on in the address.

3. Eulogy

The eulogy usually tells the story of the deceased. A family member may want to present the eulogy. To learn more about eulogy speeches, click on How To Write A Funeral Eulogy Speech.

4. Time of Reflection

This part involves inviting people to share some memories of the deceased. This is great time to reflect upon the qualities of the deceased. This usually helps people come to terms with their loss.

5. Prayer For Family

Prayer for family is comforting and encouraging. However, this prayer should be short and sensitive.

6. Address and Prayer

The address usually is a message of encouragement. For the Christian funeral, it is a message of hope that the deceased person had in Jesus Christ. The gospel message is shared quite readily at a Christian funeral. For the non-Christian, it is a message of hope that we can have in Jesus Christ. You must be sensitive in presenting this message to a non-Christian family.

6. Song

You may want a couple of songs for your funeral service. You can spread them out by having one near the beginning and one near the end.

7. Closing Prayer

The closing prayer should be encouraging and should also focus on the remaining family members.

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