Web Pages For Churches

Web Pages For Churches

WEB PAGES FOR CHURCHES help you create great website pages by providing some important design tips.

Great web pages have tremendous drawing potential.

Conversely, an ugly web page is a turn off. If you want to see some web pages that are ugly and a turn off, you will find them at Web Pages That Suck.

How To Design Great Website Pages

1. Keep These Three Design Tips In Mind

  • great look and feel
  • easy navigation
  • and well set out information

Use these three great design tips on your church website and you will be on the way to creating a great website.

2. Remember These Extra Design Tips

  • use a designed web page template
  • make your name, logo, and what you are about super obvious
  • keep the design of your web pages consistent
  • use a simple clear background
  • use web safe colors
  • do not clutter you web page with information
  • space out your information so that its easy to scan

3. Consider Designed Web Page Templates

You can design your church website page from scratch or you can download designed web page templates. This is the best way to go. All you need to do is edit the templates.

You can download...

  • a fix-width web page templates
  • or other web page templates

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