Leadership Ability Determines Leadership Effectiveness

Leaders Ability Determines Leadership Effectiveness is a concept that John C. Maxwell develops in The Law of the Lid. In other words, to increase your effectiveness, you need to raise your level of leadership.

Leadership Ability Determines Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Ability Determines Leadership Effectiveness

Most potential leaders inspire to be effective leaders. To put it another way, most potential leaders strive to impact their churches or organizations by leading effectively.

John Maxwell presents The Law of the Lid in his most popular book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, which he explains why some leaders impact their churches or organizations while others are less effective.

The point that Maxwell makes is that leadership ability determines the leader's level of effectiveness. In other words, the higher a leader's ability to lead, the higher is his potential to be effective in his church or organization. Conversely, the lower his ability to lead, the lower is his potential to impact his church or organization.

The Law of the Lid is universal in application - churches, organizations, sport, businesses, etc. etc.

Maxwell shares a story about two brothers who build a successful fast-food business. Their business was one of the most profitable restaurant enterprises in the country. Their genius was in streamlining a speedy service system. More and more people wanted to learn about the methods they implemented in thier restaurant.

They decided to franchise their restaurant because they did not want to open another restaurant themselves. However, their effect was a dismal failure. It seems they lacked the leadership necessary to make it effective.

Along came Ray Kroc. He immediately begin to build a prototype of their business that would become an American institution and a global entity. Of course, I am refering to McDonalds. Kroc brought exclusive rights to McDonald's and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dick and Maurice McDonald were geniuses when it came to customer service and kitchen organization. However, it was Ray Kroc's leadership ability that made McDonalds an American institution and a global entity.

Leadership ability is always the lid on personal and organizational effectiveness. When leadership is strong, effectiveness is high. When leadership is weak, effectiveness is low. In many ways, this is why organizations and churches look for new leadership when things are going wrong. When a church loses its effectiveness, it usually looks for a new senior pastor. When a sports team is losing, it usually looks for a new head coach. When a business is floundering, it hires a new CEO.

John Maxwell points out that potential leaders are able to raise their ability to lead and therefore their effectiveness in leadership. For more information on this topic, click on the following link - leadership ability determines leadership effectiveness.

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