How To Write A Sermon

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HOW TO WRITE A SERMON provides the structure for writing sermons that are powerful and dynamic.

Writing A Sermon

Did you learn how to write a sermon in seminary?

For me sermon writing was learned and fine-tuned in ministry.

Writing sermons week in and week out taught me a thing or two.

What have I learned over many-many years of writing sermons?

Well, before you write a sermon, you MUST grasp the structure of a sermon.

First, a sermon has THREE PARTS - an introduction, the body, and a conclusion.

Second, the body of the sermon is the main preaching part of the sermon. In fact, the body of your sermon should expand and explain the main preaching point of your sermon - this is your sermon outline.

Therefore, the best way to write a sermon is to write first of all a sermon outline.

A sermon outline is your road map for writing sermons.

Also, a sermon outline will make you STICK to the main preaching point of your sermon.

If you structure your sermon well, then your congregation will be able to follow you in your preaching.

As the old adage goes, if there is mist in the pulpit, then there will be fog in the pew.

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Once you have written your sermon outline, you need to add content and illustrations.

A sermon has three parts - an introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The body of your sermon is your sermon outline. Once you have written content to the sermon outline, you will need to write an introduction and a conclusion.

I often equate a sermon with flying. Every time you fly in an airplane, you experience the take-off, the flight, and the landing. A memorable flight involves all three going well.

A sermon must have a powerful take-off (introduction), an interesting flight (body), and a memorable landing (conclusion).

Prepare these three parts well and you will write and preach powerful and dynamic sermons!

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