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How To Write A Sermon Illustration

What's the big deal about sermon illustrations?

Well, sermon illustrations generate interest and bring sermons alive.

Keep in mind that sermon illustrations highlight a spiritual truth. The best sermon illustrations are short stories.

You can build a library of short stories by reading biographies. Biographies will give you thousands of powerful stories that will inspire your listeners.

See below for a couple of free sermon illustrations.

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Free Sermon Illustrations

In the sermon Allowing the Bible to Speak I make the point that science has advanced astronomically over the years; however, science does not answer all of our questions. To illustrate this point, I used the following two illustrations.

During the Vietnam War, David went through rigorous training to become part of the ultra-elite special forces team the Navy used on dangerous search-and-destroy missions. During a raid on an enemy stronghold, David experienced the greatest trial of his life. When he and his men were pinned down by enemy machine-gun fire, he pulled a phosphorus grenade from his belt and stood up to throw it. But as he pulled back his arm, a bullet hit the grenade, and it exploded next to his ear.

Lying on his side on the bank of a muddy river, he watched part of his face float by. In horror, David knew that he was going to die, and yet miraculously he didn't. He was pulled from the water by his fellow soldiers, flown directly to Saigon, and then taken to a waiting plane bound for Hawaii. Over the next months and years, David went through tremendous suffering due to his injuries.

How does someone find meaning in life after such horrendous injuries?

A little girl is playing on the footpath with a ball. While she is playing, the ball roles onto the road, and she goes and retrieves it. Out of nowhere, a car hits the little girl and flings her body into the gutter. The driver of the car doesn't stop because he is drunk.

When the police officers arrive at the scene, the parents are hysterical. As they examine the little girl, they realised she is dead. The police officer looks up at the parents and motions his head to say there is no hope. The mother screams: Why? Why? Why? On the way back to the police station, the police officer struggles with the mother's question. Why?

How do you answer such a question? What do you say?

Some people look within for answers...they reason with themselves trying to explain why things happen the way they do. Others look to the sciences for answers, for example, pscyhology, philosophy, humanism, naturalism, etc. etc.

But others look to God and His word to find answers to life's most difficult questions.

Can I encourage you to read biographies and begin to build your library of powerful story illustrations?

Also, in the sermon Allowing the Bible to Speak, I make the point that the Bible answers the sin question, that is, why do I sin?

We know that Adam sinned because he had a great fall, that is, he disobeyed God's command and sin entered the human race...but what's that got to do with me...with you?

Arthur Ashe was the first great black tennis player. He was a quiet man who blazed a trail of hope and justice. Arthur Ashe was a believer in Jesus Christ. Arthur Ashe died in 1993 from AIDS which he contracted through a blood transfusion during heart surgery 10 years before his death. It happened before they had all the good blood screening techniques that are in place today. Somehow some tainted blood was used during his surgery. He didn't know it, the doctors didn't know it, nobody intended for it to happen. But when that blood was pumped into Arthur Ashe, it contained the deadly AIDS virus. He got some bad blood. For five years he was okay, but in 1988 the doctors discovered that he was HIV-positive. Nothing could be done about it. Eventually the disease he contracted through tainted blood took his life.

In a similar way, when Adam fell in the garden of Eden, he infected the human race with the deadly sin virus. Look at Romans 5:12, "Therefore, just as through one man, sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned."

We are not sinner because we do wrong things, we are sinner because we are born with the deadly sin virus...with an inner bent towards sin...with a sin nature.

Again, can I encourage you to read biographies and begin to build your library of powerful story illustrations?

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