Teaching To Change Lives by Howard Hendricks

Teaching To Change Lives by Howard Hendricks provides seven proven ways to make your teaching come alive.

You can catch Dr. Hendricks enthusiasm and learn from his rich experience as you discover how to practice the best type of teaching and preaching.

Dr Howard Hendricks provides seven proven ways in order to teach to change lives. He calls these proven ways laws. The second law is the law of education. Below is a summary of the law of education.

Teaching To Change Lives by Howard Hendricks


Teaching is not just about content; it is also about whom you teach. Yes, you want to impart knowledge, but also you want the students to embrace that knowledge. The teacher is primarily a stimulator and motivator. The student is primarily an investigator, a discoverer and a doer. I want to share three insights relating to the law of education that will help you become a better teacher.

1. Creating Tension

There are four levels of learning. The first level is unconscious incompetence – ignorant and you don’t know it. The second level is conscious incompetence – you now know you don’t know. The third level is conscious competence – you have learned something. The fourth level is unconscious competence – it become automatic.

The art of teaching and the difficulty of learning are getting people to go back to the beginning of this learning cycle so that they can start the process. To do this we must create tension. Tension is indispensable to the learning process.

2. Setting Clear-Cut Objectives

When it comes to teaching, you will need to set clear-cut objectives. There are three basic goals to keep in mind. Teach people how to think! Teach people how to learn! Teach people how to work!

3. Mastering the Basic Skills

If you are going to teach students to think, learn and work, then help them master four basic skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You need to learn to read and write and learn to listen and speak! Listening is the more difficult, the greater art and the more crucial skill. Yet we seldom teach people to listen and furthermore we don’t model it for them.

Teaching To Change Lives by Howard Hendricks


When you understand and develop these three insights into your teaching skills, you will give your students the greatest capacity to think, learn and work. Once your students understand these insights, they will never settle for education that is less exciting.

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