Free Wedding Sermons

FREE WEDDING SERMONS provide some ideas for writing wedding sermons and explain how to write a wedding sermon.

Free Wedding Sermons

How To Write A Wedding Sermon

A wedding sermon is like any other sermon you proclaim. It needs structure. It needs an introduction. It needs a body - what you are going to say. And it needs a conclusion.

However, after writing many wedding sermons and talking with people about wedding sermons, I have discovered that most newly weds seldom remember what was said at their wedding unless it was something memorable or easy to remember.

Therefore, I usually write a sermon around a catchy word, an acronym or alliteration. For example, The 6 C's for a Successful Marriage.

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Some Ideas For Writing Wedding Sermons

The Three T's For a Life-Long Relationship

1. Time

Time is something that most of us never seem to have enough of. Life runs at an ever-increasing pace. And yet, marriage requires time. Spend time together.

2. Touch

Touch forms a very important part of a healthy relationship. We can use it to convey affection and to express our love. Ephesians 5 reminds husbands, to ‘love your wives’ (Ephesians 5:25) and Titus 2 reminds ‘wives are to be kindly affectionate towards their husbands’ (Titus 2:4).

When life gets busy make sure touch is a part of your relationship. Nothing defuses a tense situation more quickly than a loving touch.

3. Talk

Communication is essential for a growing and healthy marriage. You may have heard of a young man who walked into the college library. ‘I'm looking for a book titled, 'Man, Master of Woman,’ he said. The librarian thought for a moment, then replied, ‘Try the fiction shelf over there.’

We smile at that because most men at some time or other struggle to comprehend the mind of a woman. Yet the Scriptures clearly instruct husbands in 1 Peter to ‘be understanding towards your wife’ (1 Peter 3:7). Make sure you talk to each other, both in the good times and in the bad.

They are the three T’s for developing a deeper love relationship. Make time, touch and talk important aspects of your marriage.

The three P's For a Great Marriage

1. Partnership

Some people think marriage is a 50/50 partnership. You do your bit and I will do my bit. Couples often think that if they share responsibilities (the bits), then their marriage will work. What do you think?

If you think that, then your marriage has only a 50% chance of surviving.

You see, a great marriage involves a partnership whereby each partner give 100%. A life-long partnership involves giving of all.

Now, let me also suggest that a great marriage involves a partnership of three. Yes, three! The old saying of two’s company, three’s a crowd doesn’t count in a Christian marriage. You see, a Christian marriage involves a husband, a wife and God.

I believe a husband and wife who are totally committed to each other and to God will have a great marriage.

2. Play

In other words, learn to have fun together. Learn to enjoy each other’s company.

Play can come in all forms—it can simply be a cup of tea together or a special outing at a restaurant or a romantic week away.

We often say: A couple who pray together, stay together. Can I suggest a couple who play together, stay together!

3. Patience

“Love is patient,” the Bible says. Do you believe that? If you believe that, then as your love grows for each other, so will your patience.

A great marriage requires patience. It requires patience as God shapes and moulds your lives together.

The Bible says, “Always be humble and gentle. Patiently put up with each other and love each other. Try your best to let God’s Spirit keep your hearts united. Do this by living at peace” (CEV Ephesians 4:2-3).

There you are: The three P’s to a great marriage.


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