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Encouraging One Another

Dear Fellow Preachers,

When I first went into ministry, I bought a new computer (the old one was a definite dinosaur) but I could not afford a new printer at that stage. The old one worked ok, but it was a little tied. One Saturday night, after finishing my message for Sunday, I decided I might do some repairs on it before I printed out the message. Of course, this printer was a dot matrix printer.

Do you know what a dot matrix printer is? Well, a dot matrix printer had either 9 pins or 24 pins in the printing head, and these pins would print the words on the paper. Now, I had this brilliant idea that if I cleaned the printing head, the printer would print better. So, I took the printing head off, and I fiddle around with it for awhile, and I discovered I needed to pull it completely apart to clean it.

So I carefully took the clip off that held it all together, and as I began to pull it apart, all of a sudden, ping. What I didnít know was that it was spring loaded.

I learned a valuable lesson that night: "It is easier to pull something apart than it is to put it back together."

Dr. John Sweetmen said, "It is much easier to criticize and pull people apart than it is to defend and build them up."

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Reverend D. Blackburn BA GDM

P.S. - My prayer is that this message will assist ministers in their presentation of God's Word to God's people.

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